Shannon Murdey-Green

" I wonder how many people wish they had such a wonderful historical record of themselves or their family to look back upon years later ? They're wonderful images, and I particularly admire the way they manage to capture a spectrum of feeling rather than being cookie-cutter copies of one another. In this day of convenient digital photography it seems less often that you see the kind of photos that you'd have been happy to devote an expensive glass plate and some darkroom time to. These are great ! That and monochrome just rocks in general I think - They're a bit special aren't they. "
- Theseus James -
( May 2018 )
This lovely compliment above on my work really captures the essence of what I do and why I do it.
E : shannon@murdey-green.com
M : 0466 400 499

ABN : 73746487998

Adelaide - South Australia

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